List of exhibitors 2022/2023

OnePlan is a collaborative, real-time platform that provides the full suite of event planning, design and management tools. It combines the best characteristics of CAD with up-to-date mapping technology in one easy-to-use solution. 
Why people choose OnePlan:

Eliminate the need for multiple documents, the use of incompatible software, and the reliance on outdated maps and images.
With a low-cost monthly subscription, OnePlan gives you all the event planning, design and management tools you and your stakeholders need.
OnePlan centralises and automates event planning and management with a dashboard of reports including an automated Bill of Quantities.
Work with every member of your team as you create, plan, assess, review, adapt, manage and deliver your event.
Venue Twin is our hyper-realistic, fully interactive 3D digital twin solution for stadiums, arenas and any venue. Create a Venue Twin to unlock operational and commercial benefits for your multiple business units.

As a full service provider we aim to offer you the best technology and service available. We create the best set up allowing for easy traffic and high end user satisfaction.

Fresh Water Vacuum technology used for our toilets secures greater hygiene and all over improved experience. No chemical waste and an all over sustainable approach. Easy to use washbasins improving the experience.

Our world changes rapidly, consumer demands increase and the responsibility for our environment is more important then ever. This is what drives our need for innovation in products and services.


We manufacture juices, spritzer and cider in certified bio-quality without the use of any additives at all. As basis for all our drinks we only use apples which are harvested on regional heritage fruit orchards – these little rainforests provide space for 5000 species. Furthermore, no chemicals are used, therefore the apples stay free of residua which you can taste.

Picsane stands for technologies, services, tools and applications that create and support brand employment, marketing activities, PR.

The Picsane team consists of specialists who are passionate about creating innovative services based on film, photography and visual arts. On a daily basis, they combine interactive technologies with fun and experience.

They combine 3 areas in their activities:

technology + art

business + fun

mature pragmatism + childish energy

For almost a decade, they have been working with the largest brands, playing with technology and art, setting trends – creating the Picsane effect.

Pandemedics Sanitätsdienst & Brandschutz Berlin is one of the first private medical service providers that can successfully provide professional and safe medical services for concerts with up to 60,000 visitors.

Numerous concerts, film sets and festivals prove our efficiency.

At our stand F11 we will offer you a lot of information about our company as well as free antibody tests with which you can have your current immunity status against C-19 determined.

Create a unique location for your guests. Put your event and artists in the limelight and convey exclusivity and a unique experience. Create fascinating moments with the Paragu®️ event roof.

The system structure can be used with a diameter of up to 25 m in both open and closed constructions. In addition, the Paragu®️ can be extended in length indefinitely, e.g. 25m x 67m.

Our team at organises the smooth travel of your customers to and from the festival location. With more than 25 years of experience as a professional tour organiser for festivals, we also score with our very own booking platform. We are the perfect partner, offering our customers a personal service. We focus on, and specialise in, festivals, events and concerts throughout Europe. We are happy to also offer to the customers the relevant tickets, if they so desire.

The Poetomat is a poetry performance: 
From the outside, a black box with an input and output compartment. 
From the inside, it is filled with skilled poets.
Now you come: Type (your) word into the input. Throw in a few coins, or pay cashless, and after a very short time you will have an individual poem in your hands, written to match your word.
Simple. Quick. Surprising. The Poetomat.
Since its inception in 2017, the Poetomat has been touring festivals, exhibitions, anniversaries, corporate and private parties and can be found here at Future of Festivals on stand E12.
Stop by and pick up more information and a poem. We look forward to you and your word!



PRG is the world’s leading technology provider within the entertainment and events industry. PRG has the largest inventory of production equipment for hire and offers a complete range of services to clients within the live music business, TV & Film, Broadway, Sports, Gaming, experimental corporate events, and the live events market. Clients and partners rely on PRG’s innovation, experience and in-depth know-how in audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging, virtual productions & extended reality, and set & automation systems to bring their stories to life. With 43 offices located in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, PRG offers the ability to provide services worldwide. 

Production Resource Group Crew GmbH (PRG Crew) is a subsidiary of Production Resource Group AG (PRG) and supports its productions by providing technical staff in all areas. It is also a training company for event technology specialists (m/f/d).

producely® – the breakthrough hammer when it comes to festival organisation. From small events to highly complex festivals with thousands of employees. From the initial idea to the correct towel on stage as specified in the hospitality rider.

Can’t believe it…!?
Imagine, you only need an Excel spreadsheet to create a LARGE number of people in your festival organisation. And everything else – runs centrally and can also be delegated externally. And that’s just the beginning.

How does it work?
Accreditation of staff, artists and guests is at the heart of producely®. Separate access for all partner companies as well as quick and easy registration of all project participants are the credo. By means of the freely customisable authorisation concept, various roles can be assigned – from the trade manager of an external service provider to the passport office to security checkpoints.

Can it also…? – Yes.
– Artist Production, Guestlists and Travelparties
– Event production
– Integration of cashless systems and ticketing
– Granting/withdrawing access authorisations with one click
– Status scans and access control of individually submitted areas

What makes producely® stand out:
– Responsive layout on all end devices – whether smartphone, tablet or normal computer
– digital passport & crew management
– Integration of credentials via QR/barcodes, barcodes, etc.
– Print function for passports of any size
– Integrated webshop for ordering radio frequencies, vehicles, catering, etc.

But you still have extra wishes?
– Set-up of individual API interfaces
– Customised reports as desired
– Shop articles according to customer specifications

Got an earful? Then we look forward to your visit to our stand E19.

Imagine if there was a cloud where all participants in a production could link up with each other. On this cloud you could divide the work among yourselves, send documents in real time, calculate transports AND even generate and print QR codes for every single device in the planning. Imagine how practical that would be…

Moritz, the CEO of DeerSoft GmbH, thought one fine morning and officially launched Production Assist. From then on it was a done deal, the idea was there and the app had to exist. Now it was time to bring it into the future of event planning.

A little fiddling here, some programming there, some fine-tuning here and it was done. (Well, maybe not as fast as it reads, but it feels like it).

We are proud to present the app to you. An app that is here to bring you together, an app that makes planning easier, an app that is all about you and your tasks. But most of all, an app that finally says goodbye to all the paperwork that comes up during the planning process.

An app that makes planning easier for you. An app that just lets you plan easily. An app that is all about you and your tasks.

But above all, an app that finally says goodbye to all the printed documents that arise in the ever-changing planning phase.

And to round it all off: An app that brings you and the people you work with together.

PurpleX is a Berlin-based company that focuses on optimising processes at events. Via RFID, we digitise check-in and access management, cashless payment, guest list and staff management, as well as billing. With our innovative solution, we improve the processes for visitors and organisers with a focus on security, sustainability, speed and data analysis-based workflows.


Project Glitter is the sustainable glitter company that offers biodegradable glitter made from plants, not plastic! 

When organic glitter is washed out into nature, it decomposes in a few months, unlike standard plastic glitter that stays for decades and pollutes the planet.

We are on a mission to spread sparkle and happiness by offering eco-friendly glitter that won’t harm the planet or you. So you can shine without guilt!

Join the glitter revolution and shine sustainably with biodegradable glitter!


Prolyte has been an important partner in development and manufacture of high-quality aluminium trusses, deck systems, stage roofs and chainhoists for long-term use in the event and entertainment industry for over 30 years.

We offer products, solutions and support of the highest quality. Several factories, fast delivery routes and the well-structured partner network guarantee good product availability worldwide. Let us convince you! feel.fantastic.

The Pyrogenie Feuerwerk GmbH is a young company from Berlin.

Pyrogenie is known for high quality standards either in the production of fireworks as well as for reliability and unique show design.

As importer of theatrical and display fireworks products, we have more than 400 different effects to choose from, with quick availability.

We have exactly the right effect for any of our customer´s ideas – Pyrogenie is the servant spirit in pyrotechnics.

SI-POS / Quick-Table®

SI-POS is a high-performance manufacturer for individualized products, fan articles and advertising material. The Quick-Table® is the high table with which every organizer, event planner or association can present their event brand over a large area in the hall, on the festival site or as a fan product in the garden. Sponsors & partners find space to communicate your advertising message. An established, high quality and highly functional event furniture, which is eye-catching and fully customizable – available from a quantity of 1.

RADACOM – Safety Tools for outdoor events

RADACOM develops specialised safety equipment for open air events and hires them out through local partners worldwide.
At FoF2021 we show our Emergency Information & Communication System NIKOS with its radio controlled announcement and remote control unit NIKOS and the maintainance free emergency light NIKOS[moon]².

Redefine Meat™ believes the world deserves better meat: New-Meat™*. A delicious, plant-derived meat that is good for the environment and kind to animals. Using cutting-edge technology, Redefine Meat™ has developed a range of high-quality meat products with plant-based ingredients that give you a culinary treat – with the taste, textures and flavors of animal meat. Uncompromisingly good.

* Contains no ingredients of animal origin

ReTent ist ein junges Start-Up aus Kiel mit dem Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit.

Unsere Mission ist es, das Müllaufkommen auf Festivals zu reduzieren und diese dadurch nachhaltiger und umweltfreundlicher zu gestalten. 

Aktuell erreichen wir dies durch das recyclen zurückgelassener und defekter Zelte. Diese werden nach Festivalende von unserem Team eingesammelt und im Anschluss zu neuen Produkten verarbeitet.

Diese können auch gebranded und als Merchandise auf den Festivals angeboten werden.

Riedel Communications live for media production and global events, providing intercom systems and fiber-based networks for the distribution of video, audio, and data signals. Whether in studios, stadia, theaters, convention centers, or cruise ships – Riedel solutions power broadcasts and events around the world, every day.

VERUGA GmbH, based in Osterode am Harz, is the organiser of the ROCKHARZ Festival.

The ROCKHARZ celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023 at the airfield in Ballenstedt (Saxony-Anhalt) and with its 24,000 spectators is one of the top three metal festivals nationwide.

In addition to the festival and the spirits own brand TEUFELSZEUCH, VERUGA offers various festival services in the field of barrier systems, mobile rooms and security and site planning as well as festival catering.

S-Payment is the payment competence center of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. It is responsible for developing and marketing holistic, target-group-specific and omni-channel payment solutions for private and corporate customers of the savings banks – both for the PoS and for e- and m-commerce. This includes, among other things, contactless payment with cards and the smartphone (app “Mobiles Bezahlen” for Android as well as Apple Pay with the Sparkasse). S-Payment acts as a holistic partner to the savings banks. In addition, it establishes the payment solutions of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in new markets (e.g., e-mobility, connected cars, digital PoS) and develops value-added offers that provide savings bank customers with additional individual benefits when paying.

Seedconfetti is compostable confetti with the seeds of 26 native plant species.
The choice of plants is not meant to satisfy the aesthetic demands of the human eye, but to provide a home and food source for (wild) bees and insects.
All seeds are light germ seeds (no need to dig them in) and germinate in all seasons. For example, it is possible to dance at festivals and renaturate by confetti at the same time.
Seedconfetti is to be understood as an active part for the preservation of our biodiversity – paired with a lot of fun. First people celebrate, then nature does.

The SAE Institute was founded in 1976 and is a globally operating private educational institution for professions in the creative and media industries. In Germany, the SAE Institute has campuses in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. The SAE Institute’s practice-oriented curriculum is in line with the requirements of the media industry and enables students to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts/ Science degree after just two years.


SANI creates worlds. With boxes and infrastructure, we make new spaces possible in impossible places or at impossible times. Since 1990 we have been transforming empty spaces into lively places. We create space for a wide variety of purposes, organisations and experiences – from electric festivals to new kindergarten buildings. Quickly and precisely. In the right place. Not immovable, but flexibly expandable or dismantlable, for a world in which change is a constant. We at SANI are doers. We don’t want miracles to take longer, we want them to happen faster. Building a new world for our customers with sanitary infrastructure and modular space solutions – that’s the kind of miracle we work on every day with our team.

30 years of industry experience, over 3,000 infrastructure projects & event deployments, and modular space solutions: In the field of mobile infrastructure, SANI is one of the largest providers throughout Europe.

satis&fy AG is one of the leading international providers of event and media technology, event architecture and room-in-room solutions. Unconventional ideas, true pioneering spirit and bold concepts off the beaten track.

This is what satis&fy has stood for since 1993 with around 450 employees at 10 international locations. Live entertainment, corporate events or brand experience: for more than 3,000 implemented events per year, satis&fy offers all customers the one-stop solution.

Scavenger Hunts are a participative, app-based and digital event concept where participants receive a task list that they can solve during the festival. Creative solutions to our challenges are rewarded with the help of (bonus-)points. Thus, sustainable behavior is promoted and stimulated. Furthermore any information, such as sustainability tips or messages from sponsors, can be communicated towards the audience.

However, the most important thing is – of course – FUN. The festival experience is enhanced and visitors become participants, which leads to more involvement and a deeper connection. Our tasks allow us to address the guests on a direct and emotional level which lets us overcome certain communication barriers. This way the visitors can be reached much better than by banners, flyers or other forms of advertisement.

The thousands of photos and videos that are produced are not only authentic, they can subsequently be used for communication and advertising purposes.

We are SCHAKE-VECTOR, a young and future-oriented brand that can draw on the wealth of experience of an industrial company that has been in business for over 110 years.

We have made it our mission to bring high-quality products with new technologies and striking design features to the market and to optimise and modernise mobile industries such as the event sector and the construction industry.

We develop our products in-house and are as close to the customer as possible during development to ensure that our developments meet real needs and withstand harsh conditions. Especially in manufacturing, we benefit from SCHAKE GmbH’s wealth of experience by being able to use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and produce in-house from raw material to coating.

Information follows…

The schwandt. Versicherungsmakler KG is a special event insurance broker with over 25 years of experience in both the event and insurance industries. The portfolio includes all types of event cancellation insurance, event liability insurance, as well as all material insurance for stage and event technology, rental furniture and tents. The advice of festival organizers is the focus. Deichbrand Festival, Fusion and Love Family Park for example have been renowned references for many years. Member of the industry associations and networks VPLT, isdv and bvvs, as well as visitBerlin Convention Partner and MEET GERMANY.

As agent 007 among the Wireless Internet service providers in Berlin, serve-u provides Internet connections “overnight” from the famous TV-Tower @ Alexanderplatz. Expect guaranteed symmetrical bandwidths of up to 10 Gbps and state of the art IP transit to the world. Planning and building local networks as well as high-density WLAN are our passions. We also produce live streams and hybrid videoconferences – a perfect way to use our own networks. Full service event IT since 1996, talk to us!

simply-X offers innovative solutions for electronic access control, payment, loyalty programs, digital signage and fan apps from a single source. We provide production and software solutions for partners from the event, sports, exhibition and leisure sectors.

With over 20 years of experience, we supply popular festivals with simply-X technology for access control, fan apps and cashless payment – including an on-site service team.

SI-POS / Quick-Table®

SI-POS is a high-performance manufacturer for individualized products, fan articles and advertising material. The Quick-Table® is the high table with which every organizer, event planner or association can present their event brand over a large area in the hall, on the festival site or as a fan product in the garden. Sponsors & partners find space to communicate your advertising message. An established, high quality and highly functional event furniture, which is eye-catching and fully customizable – available from a quantity of 1.

skyliner – Roofing Your Event skyliner® – the mobile event covering system is the perfect setting for every open air event. Its circular membrane covers areas from 75 to 1.110 square meters with a maximum height of 15 meters. The structural stability resists demanding weather conditions up to 12 Beaufort. As a canopy, a platform for lighting and sound, an advertising or projection surface: the skyliner® system masters every open-air challenge.

Looking for a one-stop-shop temporary accommodation solution for your guests? We got you covered.
From sleeping cubes, hammock lounge areas to glamping, we provide the most innovative temporary accommodations for your guests, suppliers and crew at your event. We plan and do all the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Inquire us now to find out how we can help your guests have the best accommodation experience during their stay.

About us:

The Smoke Factory combines innovative technology with tour-ready design with its vaporiser fog machines. The company was founded in 1990 out of anger at the quality of available smoke machines and has since become an essential part of the market.

Our philosophy:

Concentration on our strengths: Fog machines based on the vaporiser principle for all areas of application. For professionals who know what quality is worth to them in daily use. User-friendly, Safe, Robust, Technical competence, Innovation and many years of experience.


3 years warranty – Smoke Factory fog machines are designed for continuous use. However, should something still be defective, the staff will help by phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to solve the problem directly on site. If this is not possible, the Smoke Factory provides replacement machines throughout Germany and free of charge to tide you over.


The portfolio includes fog machines for a wide range of applications and water-based fog fluids for any desired effect. Harmless to health and “Made in Germany”.

Snapticket offers first-class service for organizers aiming to implement a digital ticketing strategy as independently as possible.

To meet the requirements of festivals promoters, party organizers or even professional sports clubs, Snapticket operates a strong set of ticketing technologies – always tailored to the customer’s needs.

“It’s our expertise, technologies and consulting approach that make us unique. Beyond providing ticketing technology, we develop efficient and holistic ticket strategies together with our partners and implement them successfully.” – Georg Helfer, Snapticket

Intuitive usability allows event organizers to setup sales with their own shop instantly – using own branding and an ever-increasing number of cool interfaces.


We are happy to support you with your own event

What do we mean?
It can’t get more sustainable if we can support your event. That’s why we get to know you at this trade fair.

Who are we?
Energy&Finance is an independent energy guide and implements numerous projects for open spaces, commercial and private properties with the right solutions for all energy options.
You participate and profit several times over. How? Let’s talk!


#drinkactivism! We’re a Berlin-based social business that has been campaigning for an open society since 2016. With Solimate and Solicola we reinvent classic drinks to support local refugee initiatives financially and via messages on the bottles. The Solidrinks. Empowerment & Support for Refugees association has supported projects like Women in Exile, #BIKEYGEES und Sea-Watch. Our motto: Drink. Support. Get Involved!

Information follows…

Stageventure is a full-service agency specializing in creative stage construction for concerts & festivals. Already active for several years, we have successfully established ourselves in the festival market.

We accompany you through the entire value-added process, from the creation of the design to the production of the decoration, the construction of the stage and the show production. We are the interface between all trades and your central contact person. Through years of experience as a service provider and organizer, we know the needs and challenges of events and use our know-how successfully for you already in the planning stage.

With our experience stages, which are particularly detailed in decoration and construction, you can provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. With our workflow, we can stage both stages and the entire event area in a uniform design.

Stagepoint is a service provider for mobile stage systems and temporary event constructions. The task is worked out, graphically represented and implemented in the customer dialogue. 

Stagepoint – Vermietung von Bühnen und Veranstaltungstechnik

STOFFDACH – We are a young company from Berlin. We design, conceive and realize textile architectures of all kinds. With a lot of joy in design, a love of detail and the crazy idea of ​​perfection, we work on the possibilities of finding (or inventing) elegant, unique, creative solutions that correspond to the surroundings.

The idea of ​​not just developing a mundane sail or any STOFFDACH is in the nature of things for us. Our standards are high and they are growing. With our roofs, we want to create spaces of experience, both for the eye and for social interaction.


VisitBerlin Berlin Convention Office brings together its experience and expertise in the field of sustainability in the Sustainable Meetings Berlin initiative.

It was developed together with and specifically for Berlin’s event industry based on internationally recognized standards and criteria on a high level.

About 50 Berlin venues, event agencies, suppliers, caterers, conference hotels and mobility service providers are already part of the Sustainable Partner label. The entire certification process will continue, with support of funds, which are free of charge for the companies until end 2023 provided by the city government.


SUSTAIN stands for consistently sustainable merchandising. In addition to our full service, we develop sustainable concepts – such as PRINT@SHOW for festivals.

The aim is to create alternatives to classic merchandise and, where possible, to dispense with new productions.

But that’s not all – we also offer carbon footprint assessments and holistic sustainability consulting for festivals and bands and develop individual sustainability concepts with and for you.

Tammø-location furniture enhances the experience character of your festival. They look cool, and are highly practical for organizers. An intelligent plug-in system makes them uncomplicated in the construction, yet stable and attractive. And there is even more to it: our furniture can be rented and on request we deliver and build up and down. The modern design of counters, seating furniture, tables or lounge chairs with a natural look of wood fits into every style, while stylish accessories add individual accents. From the Vip Lounge, to the cocktail bar and beer tent to the snack corner – tamm’s location furniture makes every area of your festival a chill-out zone!

Build into an old phone booth, teledisko is the smallest disco on earth! What happens in the teledisko stays in the teledisko! Except a video and 4 photos which are taken while dancing, if you chose so. The pictures are printed right on site.

The teledisko is operated by a touchscreen. You may choose your favourite song and dance like there is no tomorrow with a bunch of your best friends.

Once inside there is everything a disko needs: fog, strobe and the some other light effects. And don’t forget to sing along!

The teledisko is located at various spots in Berlin. There is one mobile edition which can be booked for events. No matter where!

Information follows…

The Makery is a creative workshop and DIY platform that connects people to passionate artists, experts, and craftsmen in their communities. On the platform, customers find a selection of curated experiences that make it possible for people to effortlessly get creative and learn something new. The platform’s goal is to provide a different way of coming together while creating skills and awareness for more sustainable living.

The Power Company is a service company in the area of mobile power supply, with more than 20 years of national and international market. We specialize in providing mobile electricity and emergency power, cooling and heating systems, as well as escape, emergency and show lighting – from winter to summer sports events, from classical to rock concerts, from Easter to Christmas markets, from TV broadcasting, VIP hospitality areas to outdoor weddings and catering.

Ticket Regional – The tickets for your region

Whether exhibition, guided tours, concert, theater, festival, party, sports, culinary, conferences, seminars, fairs… and the associated advance booking, box office, subscription management, etc.

Ticket Regional is THE ticket booking system for your region! Public institutions are represented here side by side with private providers, even across national borders. The system is open: any organizer can join without much effort. With numerous advance booking offices, Ticket Regional has a powerful network for advance ticket sales.

A convenient and, above all, very clear website makes it a pleasure for our customers to select the tickets they want. The quick overview of sales and fees as well as the precise analysis of booking processes
facilitates your billing.

Our ScanLiveApp ensures secure admission control.

Ticket Regional – Webseite

TicketSwap is a transparent ticket marketplace providing the safest way to buy and sell e- tickets. Founded in Amsterdam, NL, in 2012 with the mission to make secondary ticketing fairer, safer and more transparent for real fans, TicketSwap has created a ticket-centric alternative to reselling marketplaces.

Over 5 million fans have used TicketSwap to buy and sell spare tickets to live events around the world, from concerts and club nights to festivals, theater and sporting events. The platform caps prices at a maximum of 20% above the original ticket price to give fans the chance to buy tickets at a fair price.

TicketSwap works with over 300 partners around the world to ensure venues, event organisers and promoters take back control of secondary ticketing. In cooperation with independent ticketing companies, the state of the art Secure Swap system makes ticket resale 100% safe for fans, by issuing brand new tickets after a resale transaction.

Live. Online. Digital. TIVIDOO is an IT service provider with profound event expertise who offers Managed Services for temporary Internet connections covering all networks and providers, smooth live streaming, and all kinds of online events. The German company rents out ready-to-use equipment and trained staff for reliable Internet and WiFi infrastructures as well as live streams to all CDNs, and provides a highly flexible event platform for all digital and hybrid events imaginable.

TixforGigs is the full-service partner for ticketing and guest management solutions. Especially the on-the-ground support as well as the strategic consulting incl. social media support in the run-up to the event have become engines of success. Because no event is like the other, there are always solutions off the beaten track if required. That for we go the extra mile.

We are a full-service provider from Berlin and have successfully equipped and implemented thousands of events in over two decades of company history.

Our range of services goes beyond simple consulting – we conceptualize, plan, design, calculate and solve any problem, no matter how complicated.

We can rely on an excellent partner network and first-class references in all areas of the event industry and also do our part to maintain a skilled workforce, as we train event managers, technicians and logisticians, among others.

T-STAGE stands for high-quality stage and event construction, special constructions and large-scale roofing for all types of events and festivals

Startseite | T-Stage (

We are an aspiring provider of professional and innovative event technology and, in cooperation with our partners, we realize high-quality events and cultural events, live concerts and club evenings. We offer complete solutions in the areas of sound, light, video, rigging and stage construction.

Innovative sound systems, especially the replacement of line arrays to large point sources, is our unique selling point and will become the future standard for large sound systems.

The UNDA multifunctional bottle is the perfect bottle for your festival! You can use it as a bottle to hang around and have your hands free for dancing. If you need a cup with 0.55 L capacity, then simply convert it. Or you can use the small container for some snacks in between or as a box for your earplugs.

It’s easy to refill and clean – so you can save time and dance more!

With the UNDA you won’t hurt anyone and avoid lots of disposable trash!!! 

Of course the UNDA is BPA free, 100% recyclable thanks to eco-design and made in Switzerland!

URBENO is an event agency from Berlin, which stands for going different, new ways. And among others also with us: As production partner of the Future of Festivals.

Gettin’ shit done. Live and in color.
We are URBENO. We do events. And we’ve been doing it for a long time. We are owner-managed, from Berlin and we know what to do. We are not afraid of big feelings and intimate moments. On the contrary: we create them. Whether it’s a salon or a stadium, a hipster build-up or an in-your-face experience – we conceptualize every event exactly so that it perfectly matches your target group.

BTW: we can also be serious. Even super-serious, if desired. We go the whole way from the first scratch to planning, through production
production to post production. And if necessary, we’re happy to go the extra mile.

We are professionals. We only work with professionals and for professionals.

Let us do it:

Utopia Camping Solutions was founded in 2012 with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint of music festivals.

From my own experience, I know how much supposed “camping waste” is left behind after each festival and how much camping equipment rental is needed for festival-goers.

That’s why I founded Utopia Camping.

Nowadays, we offer environmentally friendly solutions for both “camping waste” disposal at music festivals and camping equipment rental.

The “supplier” for the “right” insurance in the event industry VDMV GmbH, Hanover

Whoever earns his bread and butter in the area of shows and events will sooner or later have the same experience with “their” insurance.

VDMV GmbH specializes in insurance cover from small to large.

No matter whether stagehand, event technician, master event technician, pyrotechnician, rental company, event agency or the liability risks of your event…

Your all-in-one CAD software solution for design, documentation and production.

With Vectorworks Spotlight, designers, production managers, foremen, planning department, technicians or workshops work together in a perfectly networked way.
Vectorworks Spotlight has established itself as a popular standard for the development and presentation of stage, lighting or video design as well as the production of technical plans of any kind.

Viva con Agua is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that all people worldwide have access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation. Today Viva con Agua and their project partners have reached more than 3 million people worldwide with the projects, and collecting more than 10 million Euro for WASH Projects worldwide which contain the three components of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene). Through creative activities and the Universal Language Approach (Sports, Arts, Culture) they transfer the knowledge.

VSV – Volkmann Strassen- und Verkehrstechnik is a 2020 spin-off from Volkmann & Rossbach GmbH & Co. KG. As part of the internationally active VR Group, VSV offers expertise, services and products far beyond its own portfolio.

We bring together a wealth of experience and innovative technology to keep traffic safe in the future. Our network extends throughout Germany, so that there are always competent contact persons nearby at your location. With the service Mobile Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (MHVM – mobile deactivation of enemy vehicles), Volkmann Strassen- und Verkehrstechnik provides tested and certified vehicle safety barriers to ensure that people can meet and move safely.

With Vision Domes we have made it our business to make the energy and resource efficiency of geodesic structures in general and our specially developed, optimized structural formula in particular accessible to a wide range of customers.
To this end, we have created an optimized, modular and versatile geodesic dome that allows our customers to create a sustainable and efficient space for their own visions.
According to our motto: “Make room for your vision!”

Viva con Agua is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that all people worldwide have access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation. Today Viva con Agua and their project partners have reached more than 3 million people worldwide with the projects, and collecting more than 10 million Euro for WASH Projects worldwide which contain the three components of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene).
Through creative activities and the Universal Language Approach (Sports, Arts, Culture) they transfer the knowledge.

Our “Love Colors” are the world’s only color powder developed for pool, beach & foam parties. This allows you to throw colorful parties in places that weren’t possible before.
The Love Colors dissolve in water without leaving any residue and are a sustainable alternative to Holi powder, as they are free of fine dust, non-flammable, easy to wash out, easy to remove from the floor and 100% Made in Germany.

Our Neon Love Colors glow spectacularly in black light and give you more options to tell a new story for your guests.

Festival merchandise
From production with the help of our partners to on-site sales, we are happy to help with your event merchandise. You don’t have the right graphics for your shirt yet? From the idea to the end user – we accompany our partners from the choice of graphics to the selection of the raw material and the supervision of the printing. We have sophisticated logistics and years of routine in stand planning. Sales are managed by our experienced and trained staff.

Band merchandise – concessions
We exclusively take over the merchandise sales of the performing bands. Our strengths are shown here by decades of experience and cooperation with bands, management and merchandise companies. Thus communication, logistics and accounting became routine. Here, too, sales are managed by our experienced and trained staff.

Program booklets/other
As we originally come from the magazine sector (Musiker, MusikerMusiknews, Desaster, Metal Hammer) it is our hobbyhorse to produce program booklets as well. We produce your festival magazine with the help of our internationally experienced graphic designers and editors.
and editors. Should you be interested in a regular publication, we are the right
contact person.

Webseite is your partner for event technology. A wide range of services related to technology, equipment and events, enables you to focus on the things you want and create relaxed events with great EFFECT.

Whether Festival, Open-Air, or Corporate, our team enables you to focus on your event. In addition to usual sound, lighting and video equipment, the repertoire also includes LED walls, pyrotechnics, and laser, as well as furniture, podiums and fences.

Logistics management, graphic design and print support complete our full-service concept. Located in Wehrheim near Frankfurt am Main and in Boxberg close to Würzburg our Team of 35 employees is creating events nationwide.

Contact us at or 0800 WIRKUNG.


The Worldtrash.Foundation is an association for sustainability and environmental protection and was founded in 2018 by Sylvia Haase aka Penny Fox.

“The topic of environmental sustainability has been on my mind since 2016. I was at a festival in Croatia and from one moment to the next all I saw was trash. We danced on a carpet of cans, plastic bottles and cigarette butts, while disposable cups from the beach washed into the sea. Worst of all, it seemed normal to all of us.”

WTF supports event organisers and festivals in raising awareness about environmental protection at events. The offer ranges from pocket ashtray workshops, trashfloor performances, clean up actions in the form of challenges to ashtray installations. The approach is artistic, creative, entertaining and always colourful. 


The Worldtrash.Agency is the company to the association. It was founded to organise green events and to support other organisers with their events/festivals. The offer ranges from consulting to workshops for staff and all stakeholders.

What makes it special is the large network of product manufacturers and service providers that make an event more environmentally friendly. From regional organic drinks and food, solar generators, organic glitter, seed confetti to eco toilets, it’s all there.

Inflatable stage and festival decors.

Make sure your festival remains visually etched into the memory.  X-Treme Creations likes to be a part of designing and developing decors of big events, shows and festivals.  Whatever you imagine, we create! This by combining 2D prints and 3D inflatables for big and small festivals. Together with the designers and stand builders we pursue to develop an innovative concept based on your creative design.

Since 1994 X-Treme Creations is your partner for designing, producing and executing tailor-made inflatable decoration. We provide the perfect decoration and beautification for your event or festival.

Flexibility characterizes our company. We are based on a core of permanent staff, but when needed we expand to a -temporary- big company of up to 300 staff members so that we are able to manage the largest projects. Reliability is one of our top priorities.

YAKONE stands for exclusive Event Architecture – We create mobile spaces for a unique experience and lasting impressions. 

Our dome tents combine geometric aesthetics and excellent design with the material wood. We offer geodesic domes, pavillions, glamping tents and canopies with covered areas from 12 to 150 sqm.

In 2022 YAKONE cooperates with festivals like Parookaville, Superbloom, Lollapalooza, Whole and others.

YOOFI – The Event App.

YOOFI – The Event App was created by a young start-up which wants to pursue new avenues concerning event marketing: no more prints or Facebook but focussing on digital event marketing.

All at one glance! YOOFI finally provides a platform for event users and organisers that can show all different kinds of events and make it accessible to a high amount of people at the same time. It is also possible to display event updates and urgent or security related information at short notice for all app users.

Sustainable! As YOOFI is a digital platform for events it works without printing advertising material such as flyers or posters. Therefore, it is way more sustainable than common event advertisement.

Free, independent, and individual! YOOFI reaches its users personally and is detached from social media accounts. YOOFI meets personal interests and can connect it with different locations.

YOOFI shows you what is going on – don’t miss out your favourite events anymore.

Zeppelin Rental provides customized solutions for your event. You benefit from more than 75,000 rental machines; fuel and stand buy services, logistics and waste management, individual spatial solutions, safety concepts, dynamic traffic management as well as support in government approval procedures.

Our experts are at your side with advice and action from the first to the last step.

We measure the Co2e and plastic footprint of your event, support your sustainability process with creative and target-oriented reduction measures and help you communicate your sustainability measures. We always keep the fun of the guests (and the organizers ;)) and your budget in focus. Emotions without Emissions!

The Zwergstadt is a mobile feel-good place for families. Amidst the hustle and bustle of events, we conjure up varied play stations, original cultural offerings and cozy oases to settle down in.

Our modular play world responds individually and flexibly to the needs of children, parents and event organizers – and looks good doing it!

The colorful offers from playmobil, transformation room and handicraft paradise to concert program, workshops and baby meadow prove: KinderSpace can be much more than a bouncy castle and face painting.


Listening to music the way we experience the world – With their Immersive Audio Stage, the collective ZYKON offers an unforgettable festival experience – sound worlds to immerse yourself in. Instruments and sounds move around the audience and envelop them.

The ZYKON artists deliver a versatile program for dancing, experiencing and relaxing.

The self-sufficient team does everything necessary for this, from the construction of the stage to the performance.

The implementation on the auditory level is done by a specially developed software.