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sleeperoo - the night, the spot & you

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“Be a sleeperoo – staycation adventures keep the planet green!” sleeperoo offers a holistic concept for sustainable indoor/outdoor adventure nights on your doorstep, promoting 365 days of staycation as a new form of climate-friendly vacation in between. The concept includes the self-developed design | sleep Cube, online booking platform and uniform operating / catering concept (Chillbox with vegan organic snacks and drinks). sleeperoo offers area-wide 80+ locations and is uniquely represented with the concept from museums to thermal baths to beaches, castle ruins and viewing platforms. The USP is the mobility of the cube, which can be set up in 60 minutes using the plug-in construction principle and does not require a building permit. The concept is ideally suited for high-quality customer/employee events and brand presentations. SDGs: 13 Climate Action, 12 Responsible Consumption+Production, 17 Partnership for the Goals, 3 Good Health+Well-Being



The SPÜLBOY® brand has established itself worldwide over the past decades and is considered a pioneer in technology and innovation within the scope of the development and production of manual glass washing equipment.

With a NU® on Tour concept, i.e. a mobile counter and built-in rinsing device, rinsing stations can be placed quickly and flexibly wherever the actual need is. Our newly developed Aqua Management shows how at any place in the world without an existing water supply – it can be ensured that above all hygienically perfect fresh drinking water can be provided in a mobile, flexible and 100% hygienic way.

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chaanz: Festival Dating-App

At the beginning of the year, it pitched on “Die Höhle der Löwen” and has been at events since this summer:
chaanz connects people at festivals in an uncomplicated way in real time. The “real-life matches” are directed within the app to dedicated meeting points on the festival grounds, where they can meet at a physical location.

Meeting points can be, for example, drink or food stands, for a great first date. Thus, the first contact at chaanz takes place on a personal level.

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FenzFoot - Mobile fence protection rethought & made safer

Organizers are responsible for the safe running of their events and must ensure the safety of their guests and employees at all times. The often kilometer-long fence structures that are erected at open-air festivals are always a risk, because the mobile fences regularly fall down due to wind and weather when they are erected with the conventional concrete base elements.

In this regard, FenzFoot is the innovative professional to combat unsafe, polluting and inefficient mobile fencing conditions at festivals. Manufactured in Germany from 100% recycled plastic using old beverage crates and trash cans, as well as cost advantages and improved logistics compared to traditional concrete footing, our products offer organizers additional key arguments for using our solutions.

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Ecobaze - mobilespace GmbH

The truck is a real “world first”. There is currently no such device anywhere.
For the first time, the Ecobaze offers the possibility to supply festivals that do not have a mains connection with “green electricity” in a highly efficient way as an alternative to a diesel generator. The device has an integrated generator, but can also be recharged with a large mobile photovoltaic system and is thus completely self-sufficient. For all organizers quite interesting, not only in the area of sustainable and a real product novelty as a real highlight.

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Finalists Category: Festivals

NORDEN – The Nordic Arts Festival

From the very beginning, NORDEN – The Nordic Arts Festival has been a sustainably conceived festival with a constant eye on resource conservation. Sustainability is one of the central topics in planning and implementation, because an environmentally friendly orientation of the festival is important to us in order to keep the impact on people and the environment as low as possible. Thus, from the very beginning, we have been purchasing 100% green electricity from the SH public utility company, and we attach particular importance to comprehensive waste separation through several recycling stations on the entire festival grounds. At the NORDEN Festival, there is only reusable tableware, which is cleaned in the dishwashing bar and returned to the cycle. This year, for the first time, we were able to offer crew and artists catering from mostly rescued food in cooperation with the ResteRittern. Visitors were also able to order dishes in the so-called creative kitchen. With this, we were able to send a significant signal against food waste. 

One of the other central themes at the NORDEN Festival is accessibility. In 2022, for example, there was an extended offer for hearing-impaired and deaf visitors. On all 12 festival days, a mobile induction loop was available for hearing aid users to follow readings and film screenings almost flawlessly and without background noise. Sign language interpreters also provided support at readings and film screenings – an important measure for all visitors to give the topic a clear presence and to raise awareness. Musicians with and without disabilities performed on the stages to set an example here as well. The measures will be expanded in the coming year to also enable people with other disabilities to access the NORDEN Festival as barrier-free and independently as possible.

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LAUTFEUER Festival | Umsonst & Draußen


For 40 years, we have offered free access to art & culture to over 10,000 people every year through the motto “Umsonst & Draußen”. A socially sustainable project, which now wants to tackle the environmental impact of festivals, relies in this context on green hydrogen to cover the electricity needs of the festival small town. This makes us probably one of the first festivals of our kind 💚⚡

Both the construction and dismantling as well as the operation of large-scale events and the arrival and departure of guests cause an immense environmental impact every year. In previous years, we were already able to reduce some of this by using shuttle buses combined with the
the use of shuttle buses combined with a ban on car travel and meticulous waste separation. At the same time, we faced the challenges of not having a fixed power connection, which meant that it was not possible to easily switch to electric vehicles. Nevertheless, we were of the opinion: there is more to be done!

During our festival break due to the pandemic, we worked on our “Green Stage” project, in the course of which we were able to set up and run our festival in a more climate-friendly way by using green hydrogen. In doing so, we succeeded in realizing the set-up and dismantling with less CO2 by no longer having to refuel part of the heavy machinery with diesel, but being able to charge it electrically at the hydrogen cell. In addition, we were able to use one of our stages, the associated beverage counter and two stands of our
partners About You and AVM (Fritz.Box) CO2-neutral.

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Synthesis Festival

Synthesis is a music festival accompanied by interactive role-playing elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world and is based on a saga according to which the three surviving tribes find their way back to each other in the course of the story.

Our lives are characterized by contacts and encounters with others. Many of you will probably be able to answer “yes” to the question of whether Western culture has gradually become individualized, fragmented, mutual and isolated in recent years without much thought. In a society where the “I” is placed on a higher plane than the “we” and the individual seems to be more important than the collective, many overlook the true cement of our coexistence: community.

This is where the Synthesis Festival comes in with a large-scale role-play inspired by experiential education that explores communication and decentralized governance structures. We believe that through the experience of art and music, play and mindfulness, togetherness and dance, our consciousness can connect on a deep communal level. As a cultural event, we aim to create space to build an ideal world where we interact and mediate sustainably, respectfully, and peacefully.

In a post-apocalyptic landscape, we come together in different tribes, play quests, cook together, celebrate, dance, and co-create the wider story of the festival. Through friendship, trust, cohesion and curiosity, we will achieve our goal together and pave the way for a new social order. Surrounded by driving music, we disappear into an immersive art world and live out our self-created characters. Synthesis Festival is an artistic approach to a creative collective. The quests are led by the Synthesis Festival crew and in collaboration with theater educators.

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